The pink car – if it is good enough for American soul singers it is good enough for me

Planes trains and automobiles I always suspected was a way of life not one of Steve Martin’s lesser known works. John Candy carries him anyway. It’s hard for fat people to get their dues. More of an issue I think than any other sort of ‘shaming’ that goes on out there. My grandmother always used to wince at the sight of any body who was visibly ‘over weight’. My mother has spent her whole life being hounded by the health service for not being in fact a visible manifestation of starvation. My sister’s ill health I lay at the door of the pursuit of thinness. Fat people are sensual and enjoy life. My opinion. So what of the pink car? It’s a statement about enjoyment and flamboyance and says where you can all stick your ‘restraint’. :-)


The best friend – I made it to her (second) wedding. She’d have killed me if I hadn’t.

We go back years. Second day secondary school. I was attracted to her Beano badge if I remember rightly. Friends for 4 decades. Basket ball in Eaton park. Long hours of table tennis and badminton (she always won being just that bit taller and stronger than me). The dark days of our twenties depressed and in relationships with the wrong people. The lost thirties chasing a quid and no end in sight. Washed up together again in our fourth decade older and wiser, her children grown and mine permanently circling in the outer hemisphere (not born I think I mean). New pursuits and expanded horizons, her on a motorbike, me hammering a key board. Many more years we hope, her mother passed away, father to remarry, brighter days ahead. Our siblings never changing – she’s always up for a chat and a laugh and permanently brightens my existence with her utterly irreverent and inexplicably wise take on the whole damn thing. My muse.

lady waveney

The work in progress – Lady Paveney

Lady Paveney is a fantastical tour through contemporary British society as seen through the eyes of Melinda the presiding number one female in the Paveney Valley. When an ancient statue goes missing the local constabulary are called to investigate the child of Lady Paveney who has 'guilty as sin' written all over him. However enter Ms Cassandra a kindly spinster who can see the potential in Harry and knows that the force, their evil paymaster central government and whole of tut tutting locals ville have it all wrong.

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