Lucy Sarah Johnson My name is Lucy Sarah Johnson or L S for short – hence the nom de plume Ellis Johnson.

My main preoccupations, alongside writing, are the weather (I am British), public health (especially these days –who isn’t preoccupied by this in 2020?!), social history, cooking, eating, drinking and the colour pink. I am the author of a little-known novella called ‘Peep Book’ where upon I attempted to re-work Michael Powell’s infamous ‘Peeping Tom’ for the digital age. Like many writers I spend far too much time on the internet. You could call it an occupational hazard. When I am not chiselling out my latest opus (I do love a mixed metaphor – maybe you do too – we can be friends!!!) I am following my original calling: think ‘Dead Poets Society’. At some point I will be proud to show you a picture of a creation I will call ‘my garden’ – it is that stage in life. Any inclination any one has towards patronage will be positively encouraged indeed gratefully received, after all we artists must ‘sing for our supper’.

Please find all the usual social links and thanks for your interest.

I look forward to announcing the accolades, which will surely be bestowed at some point, in due course.

April 2020