casseclosedmonday_cover ‘Case Closed Monday’ introduces the heroine, Ms Mary Slacker, fresh in London and finding success as a playwright after fleeing post-apartheid South Africa. We accompany Mary to Linn in East Angular via the Euro Star Champagne Bar and uncover the dodgy dealings of Mister Trevor Barrell and the 'BackLash' Media Empire, baby and brain child of Louise Dibb and Douglas Park.

Précis -

Mary Slacker from Durban dimly realised at the age of 17 that Mandela was indeed possibly ‘better than Jesus’. In a flash of independent mindedness and clarity she decided she had to find out all she could about Jomo Kenyatta, Oliver Tambo and any other virile freedom fighter who had it all staked on self determination in Africa. So Slacker booked a flight to Zurich and made her way over land to London where she promptly took up a place at SOAS. Mr and Mrs Slacker had enough money to fund their daughter’s entry into the counter culture, even if it was not even remotely what they might have had in mind for their daughter. Such is the stuff of adolescent rebellion and Slacker took to it with the kind of style that marked her out from the off.

‘Mary Slacker is a woman with a mission to rebel. This is a heady mix of sexual and historical liberation. What I love best out of Ellis Johnson's writing is not only it's modern amusing culture (is there a hint of Dickens in those names and in the multiple characters) but also the puns, wordplay and reckless way the writer leaves fragments of literature, like clothes, strewn all over the road of the narrative. Social satire of recent times and of the reader's mentality, in disguise. Love a good thriller’. 5 stars on Amazon –verified purchase (June 2019 Kindle Edition).